In house facilities

All our facilities are located at Sciencepark 904, D0.120. Phone: 5758
Heliox VL           Helium 3 cryostat + 14 T magnet
Kelvin 100         Dilution refrigerator + 18 T magnet
MCK25            Dilution refrigerator
17 T Specific Heat  Helium 3 cryostat + 17 T
Matlab Exa        Multipurpose cryostat + 9 T magnet
Glass dewar     Bath cryostat

Pictures of the various setups

Kelvinox 100 Dilution Refrigerator

Kelvinox 100 

Measurement techniques

Resistance and Hall effect using ac- and dc-techniques
Heat capacity with semi-adiabatic technique
Dilatometry (thermal expansion and magnetostriction) using a capacitance dilatometer
Ac and dc-susceptibility
Pressure cells of the clamp type for pressures up to 20 kbar

Experiments at user labs

High Field Magnet Laboratory of the University of Nijmegen for magnetotransport and dilatometry in field Laboratory for Muon Spin Spectroscopy at the PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) in Villigen (Switzerland) for mSR (muon spin relaxation and rotation)